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Confidence degree that could be awarded to someone or something

Our customers know us, they are our best evidence of a solid relationship, that lasted in many cases,many years, they trust and have trusted us to supply many products, till to rely, in some cases, the complete management of the procurement for the products their laboratory. We want to remain faithful to this visualization so that many other customers who choose us can recognize this characteristic.





Condition of who, what is free from hazards or protected against possible dangers

Safety is always in our target and in our thoughts. We addressed all these years many resources to develop products that protect the processes of the “in vitro diagnostics” and improve the outcome for the patient. 

Lab.E.L., LOG. Drug Patienti Kit are just some of the products we have developed in recent years and all were able to provide the most effective barriers to prevent the mistake, to track events in the preanalytical extra laboratory phase and to ensure our customers against any controversy for mistakes in the pre-analytical extra laboratory phase.



Relationship between two partners. Close working relationship.

Only the collaboration in an equitable relationship between the supplier and the customer, can lead to both advantages and benefits. We work always with our customers and our business partners to plan for growth and collaboration. We want to continue with this spirit accepting all the boosts our customers and supplier, to improve every day our products and our services





The act, the work to innovate new systems, new regulations, new production methods and similar


Our capacity of innovation is the incentive that led us to create and develop products and solutions more new and advanced. Products that for their technical content are covered by patents whose value we have been widely recognized.

Other products will soon be added to our catalog of the Human Health Division, Animal Health Division and Blood Bank Division and we are sure they will as always be innovative and able to establish a new benchmark in its sector.

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