The world of diagnostics is changing.

At the beginning the laboratory’s value was given by the multitude of devices it possessed. Every single instrument underwent a thorough process of selection and it’s functioning was decisive. On the other hand, the innovation now regards processes, results and persons as we try to refine and improve our resources.   

The patient has always been at the centre of our work, that is why we aim at being innovators in the field of diagnostics, offering custom-made solutions. 

Our strength is thinking beyond the product. 

For over 20 years we provide the best resources to accompany your choice regarding the most suitable instruments that meet your requests. We offer continuously new solutions thanks to a systematical research for innovative products. 

We are well-acquainted with the importance of a correctly managed pre-analitical and analytical processes. Large and small, public and private companies from all over the Italy rely on us today thanks to our experience. 

EOS. Diagnostic Process Innovators.